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If you have any questions please contact Sonnit at the below email address, follow us on Instagram @edsonnit or subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date.

We understand that moving across to Software Looping can be a challenge. Even with experience using hardware loopers it can be difficult to figure out what setup is going to work best for each performer and what system would offer the best solution. At Sonnit we aim to make that transition as informed as possible and can offer help in many aspects whether it be using solely Sonnit products or off the shelf controllers. If you need any help or advice on setup, equipment, software or configuration we are always happy to help so why not drop us an email and see what we can do.



If you feel like nothing quite fits with what you need to take your performing to the next level please let us know. Using our experience we are able to offer unique solutions to a range of performers. We can produce both custom hardware & software to fit most requirements and enjoy creating new designs so please get in touch.

To order any hardware products please send us an email with the item you would like to purchase. Once your order is ready we will send a PayPal invoice to you before dispatching the item.

Please Note: As many of our products are made to order lead times vary. We will let you know what the current lead time for your product is before you place your order.